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Master of Science in Education: Information Technology
Transform your teaching
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Course rotation

Course of study

Professional education core: core course descriptions 9 quarter hours
ED 611 Theories of Teaching and Learning 3
ED 632 Cultural, Social and Philosophical Issues in Education 3
ED 633 Research and Writing 3
Information Technology core 9 quarter hours
ED 626 Instructional Design 3
LIB 680 Communication Theory 3
LIB 686 Emerging Information Technology 3

Electives: elective course descriptions 27 quarter hours

Content area electives (see options in list below)

Up to 6 hours may be 1 credit skills courses (more than 6 require advisor approval)


Exit electives
Option 1: 6 hours of electives plus comprehensive exam

Option 2: 6 hours of Professional Project, Thesis or Field Study

- CSE 603 Professional Project (6 credits)
-Examples of student professional projects

Option 3: Portfolio

- CSE 604 Portfolio (3 credits) &
- CSE 619 Big Thinkers in Ed. Tech (3 credits)
- Examples of student portfolios


All students holding a current teaching license at the time of application are required to complete a 3-credit ED 609 practicum. Your advisor will help you with arrangements.  
TOTAL 45 quarter hours

Computer Science Education courses

3-credit content area electives 1-credit skills courses
CSE 603 Professional Project

CSE 604 Portfolio

CSE 606 Special Independent Studies

CSE 507 Seminar

CSE 508 Workshop

CSE 610 Computers in Education

CSE 611 Information Literacy

CSE 612 Media Literacy

CSE 615 Designing Information

CSE 616 Designing and Teaching Online Courses

CSE 617 Open Source Tools

CSE 619 Big Thinkers in Ed Tech

CSE 620 Computers as Management Tools

CSE 623 Ed Tech for ESOL/Bilingual

CSE 624 Internet for Educators

CSE 625 Creating an Internet Website

CSE 626 Advanced Website Design

CSE 627 Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching and Learning

CSE 628 Geospatial Technologies for Teaching and Learning

CSE 629 Web-based Website Design

CSE 632 Social and Philosophical Issues in Ed Tech

CSE 655 Internship for Info Tech

CSE 660 Video Production 1

CSE 670 Teaching Content with Technology: Secondary

CSE 671 Teaching Content with Technology: Elementary

CSE 681 Writing Grants for Technology

CSE 682 Facilitating Conversations: Teachers, Admin, Tech Supp.

CSE 683 Managing Technology in the Classroom

CSE 684 Creating Web-Based Tutorials

CSE 685 Assessment Tools

CSE 686 Open-source Tools for Teaching and Learning

CSE 687 Mobile Technologies in Education

CSE 689 Electronic Portfolios

CSE 690 Digital Photography/Photo Editing

CSE 691 Digital Storytelling

CSE 692 Learning Objects

CSE 693 Making Music with Digital Tools

CSE 694 Blogs in Education

CSE 695 Collaboration Tools

CSE 696 Podcasts and Vodcasts

CSE 697 Creating a Personal Learning Environment

CSE 698 Special Topics in Educational Technology

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