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Graduate Programs

Instructional Design Certificate

Certificate Information:
The Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design provides graduate students from diverse backgrounds advanced skills in the planning and creation of learning experiences using technology in the classroom, online, and in informal environments. The program is appropriate for individuals who work, or plan to work, in adult learning environments, corporate training, informal education, K12 school systems, or any field where teaching and learning are integral to the mission. Students already pursuing an MSEd: Information Technology degree at WOU will be able to pursue the ID certificate along with their master's degree. Students with a completed Baccalaureate degree may also enter the 24-credit certificate program after meeting university requirements for graduate admission.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to design instruction for online and face-to-face learning;
  • Ability to design instruction for diverse learning styles;
  • Ability to create effective educational materials in multiple types of media;
  • Awareness of and ability to address diverse needs of learners regarding accessibility and usability;
  • Ability to communicate well and clearly with learners as well as with educators and clients face-to-face, on the phone, and via email;
  • Ability to recognize and create effective visual designs;
  • Ability to provide support for instructional uses of technology through tutorials, instructional presentations, and one-on-one mentoring;
  • Skilled with a variety of information design technologies and knowledgeable about ways to stay updated with technical skills.

All courses necessary for the Instructional Design Certificate are available online. Courses are organized so that students will be able to complete their work in four terms (three regular course terms plus summer term) when taking 6 credits per term. At 9-credits per term, the ID Certificate can be completed in three terms.


Program Requirements
To earn a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design, students must complete all three of the course modules described below. Program Plan



ED 626 Instructional Design
LIB 680 Communication Theory
CSE 615 Designing Information

One 3-credit tech tools such as:
CSE 627 Web 2.0 Tools for Teach/Learn
One 3-credit web design:
CSE 629 Web-based Website Design
CSE 625 Create an Internet Website
Three 1-credit skill classes such as:
CSE 684 Web-based Tutorials
CSE 696 Podcasts/Vodcasts
CSE 687 Mobile Technologies

ED 626 Instructional Design
CSE 616 Create/Teach Online Courses
CSE 617 Open Source Tools


Dr. Mary Bucy is the current program coordinator for this certificate.


Completion of each of the 9-credit modules above leads to a badge as part of the Mozilla Open Badge system. Badges will be documented online and can be used to demonstrate your skills in a variety of areas. Badges earned at WOU can be combined with badges earned from other entities to build a professional profile that will serve to showcase your knowledge, skills, and abilities.


In addition, the modules above can be embedded within the MSEd Information Technology master's degree program and will count toward the 45-credits required for the degree. Badges will be awarded as they are earned, so you may earn and display completed badges prior to or independent of earning the full master's degree. Read more about Mozilla Open Badges on their website:





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