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Master of Music in Contemporary Music
Conveying the broad scope of applied musical practice in the 21st century
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Course of Study
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The M.M. degree incorporates several distinctive features. One is that the scope of music considered in the curriculum extends to music of the European art tradition, jazz, popular musics, and musics of non-Western cultures. Thus, the M.M. in Contemporary Music conveys the broad scope of applied musical practice in the 21st Century.

A second distinctive feature of this degree is its flexibility with respect to areas of applied practice. Students may focus in a single area, such as keyboard performance; or combine allied areas such as keyboard performance, American vernacular, jazz studies and composition. In the contemporary music environment such allied areas are frequently intermixed in practice, but they usually are not intermixed in academia.

A third distinctive feature is the requirement of a compact disc as an exit project. The state of recording technology today is such that a musician with even only modest financial resources has access to the means of producing a high-quality recording. As a result, having a CD as part of one's portfolio is no longer optional in the professional world. The compact disc requirement puts the art of recording on the same artistic plane as the art of live performance and recognizes the centrality of the recording arts in contemporary music practice.

  • Common Core: 12 credit hours
    • MUS 675-Introduction to Graduate Research (3 credits)
    • MUS 680-Contemporary Topics in Musicology (3 credits)
    • MUS 685-Contemporary Readings in Music (3 credits)
    • MUS 690-Recording and Media Production (3 credits)
  • Ensemble: 6 credit hours
  • Applied Performance Studies: 24 credit hours
    • One performance recital is required for the degree in one of the following areas of concentration:
      • American Vernacular & Jazz Studies
      • Audio Production
      • Collaborative Piano
      • Composition
      • Conducting
      • Instrumental Performance
      • Vocal Performance
  • Approved Electives: 12 credit hours
  • CD and Recital for exit requirements

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