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Division of Extended Programs


Driver Education Instructor Certification



ODOT-Transportation Safety Division has contracted with Western Oregon University to issue certificates to qualified Driver Education instructors. This certificate will demonstrate to your employer and anyone else who is interested that you are certified to teach in an approved driver education program.

All instructors teaching in an ODOT-TSD approved program must hold a certification card from ODOT/WOU.


What is the Process?

  • Instructors will apply for a certificate through WOU, providing necessary paperwork.
  • WOU will determine if the instructor meets requirements.
    • If qualified, WOU will mail a certificate.
    • If not qualified, WOU will notify individual of items needing correction.
  • Upon receipt of certificate, individual will provide their employer a copy.
  • Instructor is responsible for attending a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education every two years. In most cases, these hours will be reported directly to WOU by the training provider.
  • If there is a change in status, employer, or contact information, instructor must notify WOU.
  • When the two-year expiration date is near, WOU will contact instructor with a reminder to reapply.


Responsibilities of New Instructors

  • Meet all qualification requirements as outlined in the Oregon Administrative Rules.
  • Apply for certificate through WOU's online system.
    • Applicants will need to provide the following documents to WOU via email (, fax (503-838-8150) or mail to: Traffic Safety Education, Teaching Research Institute, 345 N Monmouth Ave, Monmouth OR 97361
      • Current First Aid certification
      • Current CPR certification
      • If requested, applicant may need to provide a recent certified court print, proof of continuing education hours, or verification of teaching history.
  • Be sure to provide WOU your current email address – the majority of correspondence regarding certification will come via email, and you are responsible for providing a current email address in order to receive correspondence.
  • Provide employer with copy of your certificate upon receipt.

Responsibilities of Approved Instructors

  • Earn 15 hours of continuing education in the two years since certification or recertification.
      (WOU is notified of continuing education hours from ODTSEA and PacNW. Other training providers should report your hours to or you can scan proof of your hours and email directly to WOU.)
  • At renewal time, ask your employer(s) to verify that you have taught Driver's Education a minimum of 30 hours since you earned your certificate.
  • Renew your First Aid/CPR certification prior to certificate expiration and email evidence to
  • Keep track of your qualifications by looking up your record here.
  • Apply for renewed certificate prior to expiration (every two years): Recertification Application
  • If you lose your certificate, you may request a new copy (there will be a fee).
  • Update WOU when any of these changes occur:
    • Contact Information (address, phone, email)
    • Employer
    • Change in modality taught (e.g., adding BTW to existing Classroom certificate)
    • Resignation/retirement from active teaching
    • Ineligibility due to traffic or criminal conviction
    • If an instructor becomes ineligible to teach at any time, he/she is required to immediately return the instructor certificate card to WOU.


Responsibilities of ODOT/TSD-approved Providers

  • Provide WOU with documentation for any continuing education trainings sponsored by your organization. Send the following information to
    • Agenda
    • Objectives
    • Time Schedule
    • List of Attendees and Hours Attended
  • Obtain a copy of all instuctors' certificates and monitor that they are current. No instructor is allowed to teach any portion of Driver Education training without a current certificate.
  • Provide verification to WOU that an employee has taught a minimum of 30 hours in the two years since certification or recertification. The provider verification form can be mailed WOU's Traffic Safety Education program, scanned and emailed to, or faxed to 503-838-8150.
  • Providers no longer need to keep copies of WOU training or continuing education certificates.






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