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Forensic Anthropology Minor - Track Two

Designed for: Students Majoring in Anthropology (28 credits)


The Forensic Anthropology Minor consists of 28-hours of focused coursework beyond the introductory prerequisite coursework. Anthropology majors who minor in Forensic Anthropology must complete the following course of study: 


Required Courses

Introductory Prerequisite Coursework (4 credits)
May apply to LACC, but does not count toward minor

CJ 213

Introduction to Criminal Justice (4)


Core Forensic Anthropology Courses (16 credits)
Students can take either the Criminal Justice or Anthropology courses listed below

CJ 322/ANTH 322

CJ 328/ANTH 328

CJ 441/ANTH 441

CJ 442/ANTH 4422

Forensic Anthropology (4)

Forensic Osteology (4)

Forensic Archaeology and Taphonomy (4)

Readings in Forensic Anthropology (4)


Choose 3 of the following courses:

CJ 245

CJ 329/ANTH 329

CJ 372D/ANTH 372D

CJ 333/ANTH 333

ANTH 216

ANTH 311

ANTH 324

GIS Maps and Spatial Information (4)

Archaeological Resources: Policies and Procedures (4)

Social Constructions of Race (4)

Forensic DNA Analysis (4)

Cultural Anthropology (4)

Human Evolution (4)

Anthropological Theory (4)


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Click here for more information about Track One (Criminal Justice majors) and Track Three (all majors).



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