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Crime Analysis Concentration - Track One

Leads to: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Minor in Computer Science and a Certificate in Crime Analysis


Track One offers a structured course of study leading to a BS Degree in Criminal Justice, a Minor in Computer Science and a Certificate in Crime Analysis. The program requires a minimum of 99 credits. It is designed for pre-service students (i.e. individuals not holding a Bachelors degree and planning to secure employment in a criminal justice agency in the future).


This option focuses on learning in three disciplines: Crime Justice, Crime Analysis and Computer Science. Because students will be working with confidential and sensitive information within a criminal justice agency during their course of study, they should be able to pass a police background check. Track One requires completion of the following coursework.


Required Courses

Core Criminal Justice Courses (44 credits)

CJ 213D

CJ 219D

CJ 252

CJ 327W

CJ 331D

CJ 427

CJ 450D

CJ 453

CJ 407W

CJ 409

Introduction to CJ (4)

Ethics and Leadership in CJ (4)

American Court Systems (4)

Research Methods in CJ (4)

Police and Community (4)

Quantitative Methods (4)

Criminology (4)

Corrections (4)

Seminar (4)

Practicum (With a Crime Analysis Unit) (8)


Core Crime Analysis Courses (28 credits)

CJ 245

CJ 341

CJ 342

CJ 426

CJ 428

CJ 429

MTH 243

Introduction to GIS Maps and Spatial Information (4)

Applied Geographical Information Science (4)

Strategic and Tactical Crime Analysis of Crime Using GIS (4)

Fundamentals of Crime Analysis (4)

Crime Problem Analysis (4)

Tactical Crime Analysis (4)

Introduction to Probability and Statistics (4)


Additional Electives (Recommended but not required)

CJ 310 Professional Writing in Criminal Justice (4)


Computer Science Minor (27 credits)

CS 122

CS 199

CS 199

IS 320

CS 350

CS 362

CS 453

Plus One

Introduction to Computer Science for Non-Majors (3)

Programming language - Python (3)

Understanding HTML (3)

Data Structures (3)

Network Administration (3)

Database Management Systems (4)

Data Mining/Warehousing (3)

CS Elective (3)


Schedule of Classes

While other coursework may be taken at the student's convenience, a cohort of approximately 25 students forms each Summer Term to begin a sequence of crime analysis and computer science classes that run concurrently through a 12 month cycle (see the table below to learn more about the cycle). Without the approval of concerned faculty, courses may not be taken out of sequence. Students who fail to complete the whole sequence will have to wait until the following year to join a new cohort at the appropriate stage.


Year One

Summer Term

Year One

Fall Term

Year One

Winter Term

Year One

Spring Term

Year Two

Summer Term

CS 122

CS 199 (Python)

CSS 199 (HTML)

CJ 245

CJ 426/526

IS 320

CJ 341

CJ 428/528

CS 362

CJ 342

CJ 429/529

CS 453

CS 399

CS 350

CS Elective* (May be taken anytime after completion of IS 320)


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