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Criminal Justice online degree programs

BA/BS in Criminal Justice Major: Core Courses


Students who have already met the general education requirements can earn their Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in two years by taking about 12 credits per term. All CJ majors are required to take 48 credits of core classes. The courses are listed below.


Students will also select at least 24 credits of electives to apply toward their major. Areas of concentration may also be selected with the help of an advisor. WOU requires all students complete a minor before being awarded a BA/BS degree.



Core Courses

48 credits


CJ 213D Introduction to Criminal Justice (4 credits)
CJ 219D Ethics and Leadership in Criminal Justice (4)
CJ 252 American Court System (4)
CJ 327W Research Methods (4)
CJ 331D Police and Community (4)
CJ 352 Criminal Law (4)
CJ 427Q Quantitative Methods (4)
CJ 450D Criminology (4)
CJ 453 Corrections (4)
CJ 407W & CJ 409 Students will take 4 credits of CJ 407W and 8 credits of CJ 409 to fulfill the practicum requirement. These classes are only offered during spring and summer terms.


Criminal Justice majors must also complete a minimum of 24 credits of electives within any Social Science and/or Writing program. Social Sciences include Criminal Justice, Anthropology, Geograph, Political Science, History and Sociology.


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