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Welcome to Western Oregon University! Below, you will find a list below a list of Questions and Answers for high school students. These are about enrolling in and taking classes from Western.



What is HS Connects?

A: Western Oregon University connecting with communities in Alaska and Oregon to provide on-site or online classes for high school students who are academically-ready to take courses for college credit.



How do I know if I am ready to take college level courses?

A: If you can answer "YES" to the following questions, you will probably fit well into college-level courses:

  • Have you successfully completed one or more challenging classes in high school?
  • Do you have a GPA of 3.0 or above?
  • Are you a self-motivated and responsible student?
  • Do you feel comfortable using the internet?

Before deciding to take a college class talk to your parent/guardian, teachers, and/or school counselor, and perhaps the instructor of the class you are interested in taking. We want you to be successful in the classes you take and will help you in any way we can.



Why would I want to take college courses now?

A: There are a variety of reasons HS students take college classes before graduating.

  • Students heading to college who have taken college level classes before graduating have a huge advantage and get a head start on general requirements and the application process. When they take classes in a specific area, it helps them confirm ahead of time what college major interests them.
  • Seniors who have completed most high school requirements take classes to fill their schedule and further their knowlege in a subject area.
  • Some students take college classes in high school to save money later, often they can take them at a lower cost or have assistance financially from a school district.
  • Taking college classes in a subject you are interested in but are not available at your high school gives you more resources to choose from.
  • Applying to college and already having college credit from a university is a competitive advantage for you getting into the college of your choice.


How do these courses differ from the high school classes I am used to?

A: In a college class you will need to assume a high level of responsibility for your own learning. Some may not have daily or weekly assignemnts, instead they may have a mid-term and final tests along with a major project. In most cases you will not have someone reminding you of the work needed to complete the course.


You and your parent/guardian are responsible for tuition and fees, no matter the outcome. The grade responsibilty is your responsibility. Be sure to talk to your school counselor and parent/guardian while making the decision to enroll in a college class.


The instructors teaching these classes are committed to making your experience a very positive one. If you are motivated and seek assistance when you need it, there is no reason you won't excel at any of the courses.



Will I get high school credit for taking these classes?

A: These courses are not intended to replace regular high school curriculum. While most school districts will give students high school credit for taking these online college courses, others will not. Check with your school counselor to confirm.


How and when do I register for these classes?

A: The first time you take an online class from WOU, you need to complete the Approval Application Form. This confirms to Western you have approval from your school and from a parent/guardian. You need to submit this form as soon as possible. The second step is to register online for your class. Below are important steps to follow!


How do I get started?

  1. Select ONLINE classes to choose your class
  2. Get started by completing the Approval Application for HS Students.
  4. Visit the LEARNING ONLINE to learn more about taking online classes at WOU.
  5. After you are registered, you will receive an email from DEP confirming your registration (May take a few days) Log into WOLFWEB to setup your login and password.
  6. Be sure to order your textbooks before the class begins (textbooks can be ordered from WOU Bookstore or online)

How much do these classes cost?

A: Tuition costs are the same for Oregon and out-of-state students taking online courses. Students in some districts have an opportunity to have the cost of these classes paid by their school district so be sure to contact your school administrator and ask about this option.


What are distance courses and how do I take them?

A: Courses are offered on the Web and may be taken from anywhere in the world. For most courses, you will need internet, at least a 4x7x browser, and an email account. Visit our Learning Online page for more details on taking an online class.


When do courses start?

A: Classes begin in September and February. We may also have summer session classes online or on-campus. You have to be registered before classes begin. Refer to the HS Connects class schedule.


Where do I get course materials?

Most classes will have textbook information listed with the class schedule information and offer a choice of ordering online or from Western Oregon University Bookstore by calling 503-838-8300.


Will these classes transfer to any college or university I decide to go to?

A: In almost all cases, credits taken at accredited universities like Western can be transferred to any other college or university. You will be able to order an Official Transcript to use when applying or transfering to a community college or university.


Visit the Registrar's Office for more information on how to order a transcript.


After I complete my first online class, am I considered a returning WOU Student?

A: Your official status will be a "Non-admit" student, until you are officially admitted as a WOU undergraduate student, you will be taking classes as a "Non-admit".


Must I attend WOU after high school in order for the credits I have earned to be on a WOU transcript?

A: No, but we hope you will consider WOU in your future!


If you have any questions please contact the Division of Extended Programs at Western Oregon University.



Susan Griffin, Program Manager










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