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Documents and Data


In the spirit of WOU's data-driven decision-making processes, the SPOC committee based its recommendations on collaborative feedback as well as statistical data. Below you will find the committee's ideas as well as the various campus presentations.


The committee's work remains ongoing and its initial report (third bullet below) is a "living document" that will continue to evolve based on campus contributions and discussion. The committee was tasked with identifying improved efficiencies in academic programming, not implementation of those efficiencies.


Besides the face-to-face all-campus meetings, you can give the committee feedback in three ways:

  1. individually, by emailing specific committee members (addresses listed on the Members page);
  2. collectively, by emailing the entire group by clicking here; and
  3. anonymously, by emailing the entire group through the Feedback page.

We welcome any and all comments.



Data Reports


Below you will find an inclusive list of all data reports consulted by the committee. For the reports themselves, when not linked, please contact the compiler (identified parenthetically).

Building Utilization Reports (Bruce Vickers)

1. Classrooms/courses with low enrollment

2. Meeting times vs. enrollment

3. Classroom space vs. maximum enrollment

4. Smart classroom utilization

Student Demographic Reports (Bruce Vickers)

1. Changes in academic profiles of new students (GPA's / test scores)
2. Changes in economic profiles of new students (financial aid / work study / hours worked)

Retention Reports (Bruce Vickers)

1. Comparison of students retained vs. stopped out
2. Academic standing
3. College preparatory

4. Economic needs

5. Campus housing / judicial infractions

6. Academic coursework (majors / freshman year experience / etc.)

7. Gender / geographical / etc.

Program Enrollment/Tracking (Bruce Vickers)

1. Pre-Nursing
2. Students transferring in gateway courses (WR135, MTH90 etc.)
3. Students leaving WOU with 120 units

4. D and F grades by department/division/course number

Registrar Reports (Nancy France)

1. Number of credits, every major

2. Number of credits, every minor

3. Number of credits, LACC

4. Number of credits, BA and BS degress (with and without allowing for double-dipping)

5. Number of credits, electives

Online Course Survey (JoNan LeRoy)

1. Survey results (document)

2. Pie charts (document)

Graduate Enrollment and Trends (Linda Stonecipher)

1. Student credit hour FTE, past two years (slide)

2. Enrollment by program, past three years & projection (spreadsheet)

3. ESOL enrollment and credit hour since fall 2009 (spreadsheet)












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