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Committee Charge


The committee was created in September 2011 to review original ideas posed by Provost Kent Neely and generate new ideas related to academic programs and programming. Specifically, the committee was tasked with investigating possibilities for increased efficiency in five academic areas:

  1. Increase program-related revenue streams
  2. Increase capacity (program and classroom)
  3. Reduce cost of delivery
  4. Modify academic programs
  5. End delivery of academic programs

The committee met for two hours weekly during fall 2011 and has continued meeting biweekly thereafter. Its goal is to generate ideas that will then be vetted through different campus communities.


In principle, the committee seeks efficiencies that can preserve the high quality of WOU academic programs and services while also being thoughtful in our use of public resources. The committee's mission is to ensure that high caliber degrees remain accompanied by high caliber learning experiences.





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