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Commitment to diversity

Western Oregon University is committed to providing students from all backgrounds a personalized educational experience that successfully prepares them for our diverse and dynamic world. WOU actively seeks to enroll and graduate students from all the world's cultures so that our campus community can effectively teach and grow in its understanding and celebration of the many diverse cultures, beliefs, traditions, histories and heritages in our communities both locally and abroad. We will accomplish the goals and objectives in our strategic plan and institutional aspirations by proactively:

  • Welcoming and valuing students, staff and faculty from all cultural backgrounds and experiences including ethnicities, socioeconomic classes, religions, disabilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities;
  • Actively embracing and celebrating cultural traditions and histories from across the globe;
  • Sustaining a campus environment that engenders respect for people of all cultures and supports an intellectual discourse and development that values the acquisition and expression of divergent views and perspectives;
  • Requiring that all undergraduate students complete courses that broaden their understanding of their own and other cultures;
  • Acting in a leadership role in the state and region in serving the needs of our communities, students and families;
  • Ensuring that material produced for the Web and print is made available in multiple formats and languages as is appropriate to serve the needs of specific audiences; and
  • Making available and supporting the acquisition and development of new language skills among our students, staff, and faculty.


Our commitment and success in creating a supportive environment that serves all students has led to recognition by the National Education Trust.


WOU Diversity Plan:


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