Section IV

Subject Bibliography of Polk County History Titles

Held by PCHP Agencies

Compiled by Cathi Rooth and Ron Baker


This is a subject bibliography of printed Polk County history materials in the six PCHP agencies. It is the result of a survey of cataloging databases as well as an actual physical inspection of book collections at each agency. Most listed items are of book-length, although some pamphlets of particular significance have been included. Researchers are advised that copies of the listed pamphlets may also be located in agency local history pamphlet files. A few statewide reference and journal titles as well as state and regional "subscription histories" have also been included in this bibliography because they are rich sources of Polk County information.

Some items have been deliberately left out of this compilation. Most contemporary planning documents and promotional literature are not included, although more will be found in the bibliography on the Project website, Polk County newspapers were surveyed separately and these results are listed in Section V of this Pathfinder. Family genealogies with incidental or minimal local history content have not been included, although these decisions were based on a sense of content and format rather than on any exact standard. Researchers should note that the Polk County Historical Society has a large collection of genealogies and family histories in its library that is only minimally represented here. Finally, no attempt was made in compiling this bibliography to identify individual journal articles specific to Polk County. However, the journals and their indexes listed below should provide researchers with access to most significant Polk County-related articles.

A typical entry appears as follows:

Clarke, Gordon W.
The Streets We Live On. (1978)
[Covers Independence, Monmouth, & Falls City]

This entry gives the author, title, date of publication in parentheses, number of pages, notes in brackets, and holding agencies. Most titles appear only once, under their main topics. A few titles will be found both under a subject and under a place name. Blaine A. Schmeer’s Pottery on the Willamette: A History of the Oregon Pottery Company, for example, is found under "Buena Vista," where the factory was located, and under "Industry." In the interest of economy, full bibliographic citations, abstracts, and more specific agency locations for all of these listed titles will eventually be provided in the Project's alphabetical bibliography on thePCHP website.

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