The WOU Print Shop has a wide variety of paper options to meet your printing needs. Thanks to our suppliers we also get shipments of paper at least twice a week so that if you need something special ordered we can make sure that happens.

Here is a list of current paper stock that we carry on a daily basis:

20# Bond
White, Green, Blue, Canary, Orchid, Buff, Tan, Goldenrod, Pink, Cream, Gray, Salmon, Ivory

24# Neenah Laser Writing Bright White (25% Cotton)
a.k.a Thesis Paper

60# Astrobright Text
Celestial Blue, Lift Off Lemon, Cosmic Orange, Lunar Blue, Rocket Red, Gamma Green, Lunar Blue, Rocket Red, Terrestrial Teal, Solar Yellow, Terra Green, Fireball Fuchsia, Planetary Purple, Re-Entry Red

60# Opaque Text
Goldenrod, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Orchid, Ivory, Green, Gray

65# Astrobright Cover
Re-Entry Red, Terra Green, Terrestrial Teal, Gamma Green, Cosmic Orange, Outrageous Orchid, Solar Yellow, Rocket Red, Pulsar Pink, Galaxy Gold, Lunar Blue

65# Opaque Cover
Canary, Green, Blue, Pink, Cream

65# Cover and 70# Text Cougar Digital White

80# Exact Vellum Bristol White

Digital Papers – range in size from 8.5 x 11 up to 13 x 19

60#, 80#, 100# Bright White Cover
80#, 100# Gloss Cover
80# Dull Cover

80#, 100# Gloss Text
80# Dull Text

Large Format Paper

Satin Photo Paper – Heavyweight, Instant Dry, Gallery Quality (9 Mil Thickness)
Glossy Photo Paper – Heavyweight, Instant Dry, Gallery Quality (9 Mil Thickness)
Banner Satin Paper – Outdoor, Durable (15 Mil Thickness)


#9 Regular
#10 Regular
#10 Window
#10 Window Tint