The Print Shop accepts print-ready materials. We are able to receive a large selection of raw documents but we would prefer you send us your files in a PDF format. This ensures that your expected output is just as you want it.

Contact the Print Shop for assistance.

To schedule a project consultation contact the Printing Production Coordinator at 503.838.8440 or

Print Shop staff will assist you with

  • Project planning consultation
    — paper selection
    — binding or finishing recommendations
    — ink color selection
    — production deadlines
  • Job cost estimates
  • Pre-production proof copy



-Our copiers need 1/4″ margin around the edge of the sheet that is blank white space.

-Our color copier prints in a CMYK format. This means that all RGB images will be converted to CMYK by the copier. In order to ensure your color quality consider converting your images to CMYK before you send your file to us. Although, not a requirement you might find that colors look more as you expected if you make the conversion on your end first.

-If you want your finished product to “bleed” please extend the color that you wish to bleed off the sheet of the paper at least 1/4″. We will need to run your printed project on a larger sheet and trim to create a bleed effect. (Bleed means that you want the color to look as if it is going off the edge of the paper.

-Always consider what you are doing with your project at the very end. Are you handing it out versus mailing it? Those questions/answers should dictate to you how your project needs to be setup. If you are in fact mailing your piece we suggest you talk to our Print Shop or the Mailing Department regarding specific needs that USPS requires. It is best to design from the back end forward in order for you to receive a finished product that meets your expectations.