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Web cam directions


Once construction begins, a live Web cam will be set up at the Richard Woodcock Education Center building site so anyone can take a look at the construction progress.


Once this is in place, a link will appear below.


When you click on the link, you may see a bar appear near the top of the bar asking you to install an “ActiveX control.” This will help the browser view the Web cam more efficiently. A login screen will appear at some point, the username is “public” and the password is “wou.”


Once you have a Web cam open, there are several controls available to move the camera and zoom in. After two minutes, the camera defaults back to its original position. Some of the controls include tilt, zoom, focus and pan. There are also options to view the camera in full-screen and take a still photo.


Lights, camera, action!

Want to say hi to your friends or family through the Web cam? Visit either Web cam and under the “source” drop-down menu, select “student” and press “go”. The camera automatically moves toward a specific spot. If you stand there, call your friends or family and have them follow the same steps. Since it’s live, you can wave right at them! They can then click the blue “snapshot” button to take a picture of you.


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