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Western Oregon University's 2009 retirees

for release:  July 6 , 2009

MONMOUTH – Western Oregon University congratulates its faculty and staff who have reached the end of their long and illustrious careers at WOU, and have retired this past academic year. The university also congratulations those who have reached important milestones in their careers with years of service. Information about the retirees is included in the following paragraphs, with a list of those who reached milestone years of service immediately following the retirees.

Gerald “Jerry” Braza
Dr. Jerry Braza has been a dedicated member of the WOU Health and Physical Education faculty since September of 1995. Jerry began as an assistant professor, and was promoted to associate professor in September of 1998, and finally professor in September 2000. When asked about Dr. Braza’s tenure at the University, Linda Stonecipher recalled having coffee with Jerry recently, “he said the part of his retirement dinner that most touched him was listening to each of us share how much he had impacted our lives. He knew he made a difference in the lives of his students, but he hadn't realized the magnitude of his impact on faculty and staff who worked with him. His legacy will continue with his colleagues following in his footsteps.”

Sally Dunkin
Sally Dunkin first joined Western Oregon University over 35 years ago, in 1974, when she started as a clerical specialist in the Business Office. Dunkin has also held the positions of research assistant and accountant 1 in the Business Office before moving to the Budget/Payroll office where she served as an assistant to the budget director before becoming the payroll manager in 1999. Dunkin’s enthusiasm and dedication to Western, together with her smile and willingness to help, have made it a pleasure for us to work with her.

Kathy Kramer

Kathy Kramer retired December 1, 2008 after dedicating 29 years of service to WOU. As a long-time Monmouth resident, Kramer also attended Campus Elementary School which used to be housed in the ITC building here on campus. Kramer worked for 14 years in the Mail and Motor Pool services with Doris Clark. Clark says of Kramer "one would have to look a long way to find a more reliable, more service oriented employee. I could always count on Kathy to be there, and to offer the support needed to keep our department. She met daily deadlines that were often stressful, and was friendly and courteous to the faculty, staff and students. Kathy gave of her free time as well, baking countless cookies for our students, or for campus fundraisers. Kathy is a modest person, but at this time of her retirement, I must say thank you for being such a reliable, consistent employee, and friend to Western Oregon University and its students.”

Most recently, Kramer was employed in the business office.

Jill Summers
Jill Summers began working at Western Oregon University in October of 1978 as a temporary clerical assistant in Duplicating. Summers has also worked as a secretary for the President’s Office, an administrative specialist 1, office manager, and Western facilities coordinator at Werner College Center. Most recently, Summers has worked at Werner University center, first as the operations manager and WOU facilities coordinator, and then as operations manager and WOU facilities scheduling. Co-worker Nan Lehto says of her, “Jill was great to work for and to work with. As a boss, she was willing to solicit your input and really made you feel a part of the team. As a co-worker, she was generous with her knowledge of the university - its history, its procedures and its people. Jill is also very forward-looking. Her fascination with all things technological definitely helped make the Werner University Center a center for learning!" Fellow employee Jon Tucker says that “Jill has been an amazing asset for the Werner University Center with her smile, mischievous attitude, knowledge of WOU and a strong dedication to our students. She is one of the reasons why the Werner University Center is the student-centered place it is today.”

Audrey Warkentin
Audrey Warkentin started as at WOU June of 1996 in the Financial Aid Office where she is currently employed. Director, Donna Fossum says that “Audrey has been an incredible employee. She is knowledgeable about financial aid, detailed oriented and dedicated to her job and the university. Audrey is a wonderful colleague and has been a great asset to the Financial Aid Office. It has been a great pleasure to have Audrey in the Financial Aid Office. We will miss her and wish her a very happy retirement.”

Melody Williamson

Melody Williamson started as at WOU as an account clerk I in the Physical  Plant in September of 1987 and moved over to University Residences and Dining Services (then called Auxiliary Services) in February of 1988 as an accounting clerk I where she has worked ever since. Williamson has been active in OPEU/SEIU 503 since starting at the campus in 1987 and has served in a variety of leadership roles including SEIU Local 503 WOU president, twice. She has taken two leaves of absent to work at union headquarters to better advance the working rights of the classified workers of the State of Oregon. Jeanne Deane, administrative program assistant for the Social Science Division, says that “Melody Williamson is a champion for worker’s rights and the classified employees at Western Oregon University  She is a kind, generous, tireless and empathetic person, who wants only the best for everyone no matter what their position in life. The classified staff at Western Oregon University will miss her advocacy, and we wish her only the best in her retirement.”

Years of Service Awards

5 years of Service:
Dr. Vivian Amantana
Ingrid Amerson
Beverly Beck-Boersma
Dr. Maria Dantas-Whitney
Ted deChatelet
Dr. Gary Dukes
Susan Griffin
Mary Harden
Dr. Robert Hautala
Angela Hendrickson
Brian Kauffman
Dr. Klay Kruczek
Elias Montemayor
Dr. Bonnie Morihara
Piper Mueller-Warrant
Gloria Ornelas
Dr. Peggy Pedersen
Ronald Richards
Dr. Lauren Roscoe
Summer Runyan
Michael Silver
Dr. Doug Smith
Twi Tish
Martha Villegas-Gutierrez

10 years of service:
Raquel Avila
Laura Beck
Dr. Hamid Behmard
Dr. Henry "Hank" Bersani
Jan Carlson
Nancy Cruckshank
Dr. Claire Ferraris
Dr. David Foster
Nancy Ganson
Clelia Godinez
Olga Godinez
Trisha Guy
Jonathan Hoffman
Donald Hood
Dr. Bau Hwa Hsieh
Dr. Gavin Keulks
Linda Kunze
Gordon Lee
Jennifer Levesque
Cindi Mafit
Dr. Elisa Maroney
Cheryl McLain
Carla Menear
Jacqueline Morelli
Dr. Jeffrey Myers
Kristin Olsen
Dr. Tracy Powell
Valentina Putintsev
Maria Rodriguez
Rudolph Rodriguez
Shondra Russell
Donald Stroud IV
Ronald Swartzendruber
Dr. Stephen Taylor
Catherine Thomas
Dr. Mark Van Steeter
Timothy Wallen

15 years of service:
Dr. Joel Alexander
Don Boderman
Dr. Brian Caster
Sue DeNoyer
Dr. Irja Galvan
Dr. Ann Glang
Dr. Carol Harding
Tony Harper
Dr. Michael McGlade
Scott Perfect
Dr. Mark Seabright
Craig Stanger
Dr. Linda Stonecipher



20 years of service:
Jeanne Deane
Lenore Eliassen
Donna Fossum
Tina Fuchs
Thomas Kelly
Dr. Jie Liu
David Morris
Dr. Cornelia Paraskevas
Sandy Quiring
Dr. Thomas Rand
Mary Jean Ratzlaff
Chris Rupp
Richard Sedgwick
Darin Silbernagel
Dr. Cheryl Strand
Niki Winslow

25 years of service:
Sue Payton
Dr. Julia  Smith

30 years of service:
Sally Dunkin
Dianna Hewett
John Kurz
Jill Summers

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