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Task Teams


Team Leader(s) "Straw-man"
Goal per year – 2014 & 2015
1. AcademicSPOC - link S. Scheck

Stretch Goal:$750,000/1.5M


    A. Academic M. Girod, S. Monahan
    B. Recruitment & retention D. McDonald, S. Scheck, L. Stonecipher, N. Yang
    C. Distance education D. Clark
    D. Grants & ICRs E. Taylor, S. Hagen
    E. Library Operations A. McKiel
2. Business  

Stretch Goal: $200,000/400K

Needed: $130K/$260K

    A. Procurement D. Silbernagel
    B. IT processes & campus support B. Kernan
    C. Campus utilities & conservation T. Neal
    D. HR & payroll processes J. Vanderburg, D. Cotton
3. Governmental Appropriations M. Perlman ?
4. Student Affairs Initiatives G. Dukes

Stetch Goal: $100,000/$200K

Needed: $70K/$140K

5. Athletic strategies B. Dearing

Stretch Goal: $200K/$400K

Needed: $150K/$300K

6. Philanthropic initiatives & Processes T. Love Stretch Goal: $200K/$400K
Needed: $150K/$300K

Stretch Goal: $1,500,000/3M

Needed: $1M/$2M



Team Leaders Actions:


  1. Assemble teams through solicitation of those that will serve as constructive contributors to the effort. Consider those that may have volunteered to serve.
  2. Determine the scope of the areas that your team will assess.
  3. Identify any gaps that you believe need to be addressed potentially by others and are not being covered by your task team.
  4. Brainstorm, review best practices, to generate ideas for revenue and productivity improvements. Please use the Educational Advisory Board and other OUS entities among your sources for ideas.
  5. Recommend/outline a detailed implementation plan for your team's ideas.
  6. Quantify fiscal (including investments necessary) and academic impacts.
  7. Review fiscal impacts with Eric Yahnke, to validate and for Eric to incorporate in financial plan.
  8. Review academic impacts with appropriate academic personnel/committees/etc.
  9. Present ongoing progress to Core Team for input (monthly).
  10. Please submit abbreviate outline of action plan progress twice a month to WOU president on the 15th and 30th of each month.



Many thanks for all your efforts towards WOU's continued success. Please contact me if you wish to discuss.


Mark Weiss


President 503-838-8888 | or e-mail: