Staff Senate Minutes
Friday, July 15, 2005
8:30 AM
Hamersly Library, Room 205

  1. Call to order 8:30 am.
  2. Roll Call: 

Absent: Kathy Hill-Proxy: Karen Smith; Allen Risen-Proxy: Jay Carey; Jennifer Hansen-Proxy: Ann Barton-Brown
Senators Present:  Karleen Adams, Joe Crowe, Penelope Repko, Teresa Bybee, Alice Sprague, Marsha Smith, Angela Barry, Patrick Moser, Karen Nelles

  1. Minutes for June 3, 2005 approved.
  2. Staff President’s Announcements and Comments:
    Jon Tucker, new ASC President, plans to attend future Staff Senate meetings.
    The faculty senate on July 12, 2005 was pleased to hear about the Departmental Reference Guide we are working on.
  3. Old Business
    Staff Senate Website is on the W drive.  Kathy Alderson has access to the drive.  It is listed on the website index.  Penelope offered to update the website in the future. 
    Staff Senate Bylaws were approved by the President.  Copies distributed at the next meeting. 
    Department Reference Guide – Sue Payton and Kathy Alderson have been working on the guide.  Input was requested from all departments.  Approval was given for funding to purchase binders for the guide.  Give input by July 21. 
  4. New Business
    WOU Foundation Board
    - Gerry Blakney asked for a representative from Staff Senate.  More information would be helpful.
    Financial Presentation –Mark Weiss made a presentation at Faculty Senate and distributed a handout.  He requested a classified staff senator to volunteer for the WOU Finance Information Committee.  Marsha Smith volunteered.  He provided the following handouts: 
    · Information about the WOU Finance Information Committee
    · Amendments to Oregon Administrative Rules
                Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - regarding special course and general fees and updates for student conduct and student judicial process.
                Statement of Need ad Fiscal Impact – Amends rule to increase fees as needed.
    Mark Weiss will be asked to attend our next meeting.
  5. Next Meeting (First Friday of the month):  Friday, September 9, 2005 at 8:30am.
  6. Adjournment – 9:50 AM.