Staff Senate Minutes

September 9, 2004

Hamersly Library 205


1.  8:30 start meeting.  Roll Call:  absent; Kathy Hill


2.  Guests:  Melody Bywater, Bill Kernan, Travis Knabe, Judy Vanderburg


3.  President McArdle thanked everyone for coming and asked all guests to introduce



4.  Comments from Senators.  None.


5.  Visitors Comments not related to agenda.  None.


6.  Minutes were approved as written.


7.  Old Business

            a.  Website:  Martha Boyd and Ann Barton-Brown will work with the campus

                 Webmaster, Ron Swartzendruber, and report back.  A list was compiled

                 regarding what Senators want on the website.


            b.  Computer Training:  Lenore noted that it would be very helpful to have on

      campus training.  There was discussion regarding Staff Development and

      possible micro-training for new applications and updates.  The Technology

      Resource Center already has training in place.  This fall they will include

      training for staff as well as faculty in the Technical Resource Center.  They

      hope to have 4 sessions this fall i.e. Web CT and PowerPoint. There will be

      training available for one-on-one or group sessions based on need. 

      Information will be announced in the near future.


c.    Customer Service:  There was much discussion regarding setting up an

      environment that makes customer service at Western Oregon University a

      priority.  It was suggested that there needs to be an assessment of the

      Universities needs and that good customer service should be a culture, we

      need to become a community again.  Should there be a “standard” greeting

      for the University for answering the phone?  Teresa Bybee will look into

      adding such an item to the front pages of the campus directory.  Judy

      Vanderburg announced that the University has received monies for staff

      development.  It will be discussed at the next meeting where to go with

      ideas and information gathered at this meeting.


d.  Alcohol Policies:  There was very lively discussion regarding campus and city

     policies.  Alumni are requesting to serve alcohol at “tailgater” functions at the

     two home football games.  The Senators agreed that there would be no action

     needed at this time to make recommendations regarding the request.


8.  No new business.

9.  Future agenda items:  Customer Service (forwarded) and Staff Development

10.  Next meeting will be October 1, 2004 8:30 am, room 205, Hamersly Library.

11.  Adjournment at 9:50 am.