DRAFT Staff Senate Minutes

October 1, 2004

Hamersly Library 205


1.  8:35 start meeting. 

2.  Roll Call:  absent  Karleen Adams (Karen Johnson Proxy), Lenore Eliassen, Teresa

                      Bybee .  Guest:  Melody Bywater


3.  President McArdle welcomed Senators and visitors.


4.  Senator Comments – None


5.  Visitor comments:   None


6.  Minutes were approved as written.


7.  Old Business

            a.  Website  - Information pending meeting with Ron Swartzendruber.


            b.  Customer Service – John will meet with Dr. Conn and report back.

      A draft of Telelphone Tips and Etiquette and Customer Service information

     compiled by Teresa Bybee to enclose in the WOU Directory was reviewed. 

     Suggestions were made and will be reported to Teresa.  Everyone agreed that it

     was a great idea to include in the directory as a customer service.  Sue Payton

     noted that the Student Handbook is a good source of information and a great

     customer service for students.  The WOU directory could have information

     added related to customer service and that Teresa’s information was a good

     start. There was a question as to what happened to the WOU Fact Book?  It

     wa interesting and helpful.

                  There was a general discussion regarding departments’ needs and what is

                  expected by students, staff, etc.  There needs to be a feeling of connectivity on

campus.  Faculty, staff and students, need to be realistic and work together.  We need to maintain hope of a connected community.  It was suggested that

      enrollment facts be released weekly, to help keep the community informed.

      Discussion to be continued at the November meeting.


8.  New Business

            a.  Staff Development – Tabled to the November meeting where there would be

                 time for detailed discussion.

9.  Future Items – None

10.  Announcements – Melody Bywater – As of this date ASWOU has registered 825

        new voters for the national election.

11.  Adjournment –10 AM.