Staff Senate Minutes

November 10, 2004

Hamersly Library 205


1.  8:35 start meeting.

2.  Roll Call:  absent Karleen Adams, Roseann Kendall (Proxy Don Boderman)

     Guest:  Judy Vanderburg

3.  President McArdle welcomed Senators and visitors.

4.  Senator comments – none

5.  Visitor comments – none

6.  Minutes were approved as written with the correction of the word “was”.

7.  Old Business

            a.  Website:   Ann Barton-Brown and Martha Boyd have a meeting with the

                 Webmaster on November 16th at 2pm to go over information to set up a

                  website for Staff Senate.

            b.  Customer Service:  John McArdle met with Dr. Conn (regular scheduled

                 meeting) Dr Conn asked John to complement the Senators on quick action

                 regarding the charges Dr. Conn related to us at the first Staff Senate meeting.

                 Dr Conn is interested in, and sees a potential benefit regarding current Staff

     Senate projects. It should be noted that funding for projects are undefined at

     this point.  The Senators will review current customer service on campus.

     Small groups will get together to set the framework, recommendations and an

     action plan, possibly identify a standard. The following groups were identified:


Service/standards:                                             Ann Barton-Brown and Karen Nelles

Fact Book & what is currently in place:             Kathy Alderson, Lenore Eliassen, Sue Payton

Review subject/index:                                       Teresa Bybee and Andrew Russell-Wynings

Community public relations/image:                     Kathy Hill and Roseann Kendall


The groups will create an outline/report, which will include the attitude concept.

If printed materials are needed the Senators will seek funding.  John McArdle and

Martha Boyd will open a line of communication with Faculty Senate and the

Administrative Support Council, keeping them informed. 


8.  New Business

            a.  Staff Development Policy was discussed.  Roseann Kendall will be asked to

                again go over information from one of her classes that she shared at the last

                meeting.  .  Judy Vanderburg would like a recommendation of  practice/policy

                to work with.  She will send out the current request form to Senators for

                review.  Can we do more with less?  A policy will be put together at the next

                meeting regarding the recommendation of program, possibly a clear strategy

                that can be tied into customer service.  Four steps?  Problem, address the

                problem, solution and advocate.   The current policy is inequitable.  Some

                departments use the Staff Development program on an ongoing basis to

                employees that need to keep certification updated, etc.  Other departments do

                not use at all, etc.


8.         b.  Discussion regarding reduced staff rates for on campus events, etc.  Would that

                 encourage more employees on campus to participate in campus events? 

                Would it help the perception of staff by students if participation increased?

                Staff rates exist for credit classes.  Is there a way to come up with a package to

                cover program costs?  It was noted that we have to stay away from contract

                issues with this subject.  Judy Vanderburg noted that all perks need to go

                though unions and negotiated.  Could awards be given for good jobs, etc. by

                giving out tickets to campus events? 


NOTE:  All discussions seemed to come back to some form of Customer Service.  It was also expressed WOU could become more a part of the community like giving donations to the local food bank by having drop off areas on campus.


8.         c.  Academic Infrastructure Committee – Teresa Bybee volunteered to represent

                 Staff Senate and will contact Steve Taylor.


9.  Future agenda items.

            Customer Service and Staff Development were tabled until December.

10.  No announcements

11. Adjournment 9:40am.


Respectfully submitted by Martha Boyd, Recorder