Staff Senate Minutes

May 6, 2005

Hamersly Library 210



  1. Call to order 8:40am
  2. Roll call: Absent Karleen Adams, Roseann Kendall, Kathy Hill, Sue Payton
  3. Guests: Judy Vanderburg representing Mark Weiss
  4. Staff President Announcements and comments: Martha announced that Ann Barton-Brown has been appointed as a staff representative to the self study steering committee. She added Staff Development funds and the food bank to the agenda under old business. Two items were added to new business: 1. Review of drug free schools & Communities policy and 2. Roy E. Lieuallen. She also reported on her monthly meeting with President Conn.
  5. The minutes were reviewed and approved as written.
  6. Visitor comments: Judy Vanderburg supplied the senate with the action plan addressing the findings and recommendations of the Task Force regarding sexual harassment and consensual relationships. Mark Weiss chairs the committee. Staff senate has been asked to give further consideration of existing policies for possible modification and refinement during the 05-06 academic year.




  1. Resource Guide - Martha has been in touch with Cheryl Gaston who has agreed to coordinate the production and implementation of the Resource guide
  2. Bylaws The bylaws and changes by the committee were discussed. Ann Barton-Brown moved to carry through with the bylaws as changed. Teresa Bybee seconded. The changes will move forward to President Conn for approval.
  3. Mission Statement - After discussion, Staff Senate felt at this time that there is no need for an official mission statement. There was general consensus that the Purpose section of the Staff Senate By-Laws was very clear in explaining the goals and mission of Staff Senate.
  4. Staff Development Funds Senators looked at the recommendations put together by Andrew, Martha & Karleen. Minor changes were made and Martha will forward our recommendations to Judy Vanderburg for consideration.
  5. Food Bank - Lenore has been in touch with departments willing to collect donations/food for the local food bank. No official announcement will be sent to campus until fall.



  1. Elections Requests for nominations have been sent to all areas. Once nominations are in, the formal ballots will go out for voting. Newly elected members will attend the June meeting to be installed into their positions.
  2. Drug Free Schools and Communities Policy Gary Dukes is asking that we review this policy. Senators have been asked to review and give their comments/recommendations to Martha by Tuesday, May 10th.
  3. Roy Lieuallen - The Retirees Association has asked to possibly name a building after Dr. Lieuallen. The Staff Senate has recommended that the Administration building be re-named to the R. E. Lieuallen Administration building. Martha will submit our recommendation to Gary Huxford.


Future Agenda items

  1. Election of new officers June meeting


There were no announcements. Our next meeting is Friday, June 3rd in Hamersly Library 205


Meeting was adjourned at 10:15am