Staff Senate Minutes

Friday, June 3, 2005

Hamersly Library 205


  1. Call to order 8:35am
  2. Roll Call: Absent Karleen Adams, Karen Johnson acting as her Proxy. New Senators present included: Marsha Smith, Alan Risen, Alice Sprague, Joe Crowe, Jennifer Hansen, Angela Barry, Patrick Moser. New Senators absent Penelope Repko
  3. Guests: Melody Bywater
  4. President Announcements and Comments:
    1. Martha introduced the new Senators and congratulated them all.
    2. She has not had any official approval of the by-laws and the Campus Service Guide from President Conn
    3. Staff Senate request has been forwarded to name the Administration building after R. E Lieuallen
    4. Staff Development funds recommendation was sent to Judy Vandeburg and is waiting for approval
    5. Martha made the announcement that Lenore Eliassen has resigned from staff Senate due to workload.


  1. The minutes were reviewed and approved as written
  2. Elections: Nominations for President were received. The newly elected Senators and the senators returning next year voted and the new Staff Senate President is Teresa Bybee. Nominations were accepted for Recorder and after voting, Karen Nelles will be the Recorder for next year.




    1. Campus Service Guide Martha went over the Service Guide so the new Senators would be familiar with the status. Faculty Senate has requested that this be put online. Alice Sprague said that her office can give them out to new employees. Martha suggested that Staff Senate meet in July to finish the guide.


    1. Declaration of Shared Communication ASWOU has put together a proposal to have all senate presidents meet each month to share information and ideas. The goal is to get the three groups working together on current campus issues through better communication.


  1. There were no future agenda items at this time
  2. Meeting was adjourned at 9:30am.


  • Roseann Kendall voiced her appreciation for all that Martha Boyd has done for Staff Senate by stepping in for John McArdle, and finishing out the year. She went on to state that Martha has done a wonderful job and worked very hard to make the first year of Staff Senate a success. The entire Staff Senate agrees with Roseann. Thanks Martha!!