Staff Senate Minutes

January 13, 2005

Hamersly Library 205



1.  Call to Order 8:35am


2.  Roll Call:

a.  Absent:  Kathy Alderson and Ann Barton-Brown, Karen Nelles, Andrew Russell-Wynings.

            b. Jennifer Hansen filled in as proxy for Ann Barton-Brown, Michele Kliever filled in as

                proxy for Kathy Alderson.

3.  President McArdle:  Meeting with President Conn was cancelled.

4.  No Senator comments

5.  Visitors:  Ryan West.

6.  Minutes reviewed and approved as written.


7.  Old Business

            a.  Website – Martha reported that the Website should be up next week.

            b.  Customer service – After much discussion and review, President John McArdle will meet

                  with Martha and Andrew to draft a proposal for review at the February meeting.  Sue

                 Payton will investigate the cost of binders and materials for desk manuals.  Teresas Bybee

                 will draft a Reference Guide Outline which will be available on the website, which will be

     reviewed at the next meeting.

            c.  Staff Development:  A draft of recommendations was drawn up for review at the next


d.  The Academic Infrastructure group had not met this month per Teresa Bybee.


8.  New Business

            a.  Food Bank – Lenore reported that 600# of food was raised in December.  She reminded us

     that food/cash and clothing donations can be donated at any time through her, or directly

     to the food bank.  The annual Western Oregon University Food Drive will begin in


b.  Bill Kernan’s Primary Student E-mail Address Policy was moved forward by him, prior to

     this meeting, therefore, there was nothing to review.

c.  Staff Senate mission statement – tabled until the next meeting when Ann Barton-Brown

     would be present.


9.  Future Agenda Items:  Customer Service, Staff Development and Mission Statement will be

     continued at the February 2, meeting and the mission statement was tabled until the Feb 2


10. No Announcements.

11.  Adjournment 10am


Respectfully submitted by Martha Boyd, Recorder.