Staff Senate Minutes

February 4, 2005

Hamersly Library 205




1. Call to order 8:35am


2. Roll Call:

a. Absent: Martha Boyd, Andrew Russell-Wynings, Karleen Adams, and Lenore


b. Proxy: Jenny Rettke for Andrew Russell-Wynings

3. President McArdle: announced his resignation effective 02/28/05, last day in office

02/18/05. Announced Martha Boyd will take over as President


4. No Senator comments

5. No visitors or comments

6. Minutes reviewed and approved as written

7. Old Business

a. Website nothing to report

b. Customer service The proposal information was reviewed. Andrew did a

great job of putting the proposal together. The proposal will be finalized by

John, Andrew and Martha and presented to President Conn who will review

and decide how to move forward. There was a great deal of discussion

regarding this subject.

c. Staff development review of draft tabled until next meeting.

d. The Academic Infrastructure group had not met.

e. No new information on the food bank, Lenore absent.

8. New Business None, due to the length of time spent working on the

customer service project.


9. No future agenda items.

10. No announcements

11. Adjournment 10am