Staff Senate Minutes

December 10,2004

Hamersly Library 205


1. 8:35 Call to Order

2. Roll Call:

a. Absent: Roseann Kendall and John McArdle

b. Tina Fuchs filled in as proctor for Roseann

3. Andrew Russell-Wynings filled in for President John McArdle

4. Senator Comments: none

5. Visitor Comments: Bill Kernan asked Staff Senators to review a new proposed

policy on primary student e-mail addresses. After discussion recommendations will

be brought forward in the January meeting.

6. Minutes were approved as written.

7. Old Business

a. Website: Ann Barton-Brown and Martha Boyd met with the Webmaster in

November and the Staff Senate website will be up and running in January.

b. Customer Service: Each small committee reported with recommendations

and handouts. Senators will review the information and all will be reviewed

with recommendations at the January meeting.

c. Staff Development: copies of the Staff Development Fund Request forms

were handed out as provided by Judy Vanderburg in her absence. Because of

limited time, this topic was tabled to the January meeting.

d. Academic Infrastructure: Teresa Bybee reported as the Staff Senate

representative. An outline of discussion points on the academic infrastructure

was handed out. Teresa will continue to report after each AIC meeting.


8. New Business

a. Food Bank: Lenore Eliassen reported that the local food bank (Ellen Curran)

needs help year round. Canned and packaged food as well as warm clothing,

jackets, hats, and gloves are needed this time of year. One dollar in cash is

equivalent to 6# of food for the center. A e-mail will be sent out to requesting donations. Lenore will be the contact.

9. Future Agenda Items There were items that were tabled to Old and New

Business for future meetings.

10. No announcements

11. Adjournment 10am