Staff Senate Minutes

April 1, 2005

Hamersly Library 205


1.                  Call to order 8:35am

2.                  Roll Call:  Absent:  Karleen Adams, Teresa Bybee, Kathy Hill, Roseann Kendall   

 Proxy:  Rick Sedgwick for Roseann

3.                  Guests:  No guests present

4.                  Staff President Announcements and comments:  Martha announced that she and Andrew will meet with the Vice Presidents on Monday, April 04, 2005 regarding customer service.  Martha will meet with President Conn on April 20th, this is a regularly scheduled meeting he has with each of the Senate Presidents.

5.                  The minutes were reviewed and approved as written.

6.                  OLD BUSINESS:

a.       Website:  Kathy Alderson posted the minutes on the Staff Senate website, and will do some additional work to get them looking better.

b.      Customer Service:  Martha and Andrew will meet with the Vice Presidents on April 4th.

c.       Staff Development:  Senators reviewed their drafted recommendations regarding staff development.  Several changes were made, and the revised recommendations will be worked up and approved before being forwarded for review to Judy Vanderburg.

d.      Academic Infrastructure:  Teresa had forwarded a memo from Steve Taylor stating that the Academic Infrastructure was indeed meeting, with faculty only for the past few months. 

e.       Food Bank:  Lenore reported that $90 was donated to the food bank over December intersession.  Lenore will check into sites on campus willing to be a donation site.  An email will then go out to all-facstaff requesting donations throughout the year, emphasizing that hunger is not a holiday event, but a year round problem.

7.                  NEW BUSINESS:

a.       Bylaws:  Martha, Andrew and Karleen are meeting and will get back to the Senate when they have information.

b.      Mission Statement:  It was decided that the Staff Senate mission statement will begin with the framework from the Purpose of the Staff Senate document. Senate members are to take ideas, elaborate and give to Anne.  She will put something together for the next meeting.

c.       Elections:  Elections were discussed briefly. The process will get started at next months meeting.


Our next Staff Senate meeting will be Friday, May 6th in HL 205.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:45am