As you look back to the east along Jackson Street,
the beautiful leaves are stunning, especially in the late afternoon light.
Acer rubrum ‘Bowhall’ *
(A-ser RU-brum)
A very narrow, upright, symmetrical, deciduous tree with typical growth 40 × 15 feet.
Close up of maple along Jackson Drive  
Athletic field
Looking northeast through the maples into the athletic field with Todd Hall in the background.
These trees were selected to replace existing sweet gum trees whose repeated topping had rendered them unsightly specimens. The Bowhall Red Maples were planted twenty feet inside the fence to ensure their safety against unwarranted pruning.
Selected by the Scanlon nursery of Ohio in 1946 and named in 1951, the original tree was found near Cleveland and named after the road on which it was discovered. It is also sometimes listed as a 1948 introduction of the Cole Nursery Company, Circleville, Ohio.
Location on campus:
West end of campus on Jackson Street
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* Information from Oregon State University's Landscape Plants web site.