Distinctive leaves of Quercus palustris in full fall color *
(KWER-kus pa-LUS-tris); palustris means 'of swamps'
Close up of pin oak leaves
Fall foliage ranges from russet, bronze to brilliant red. Note the sharp and pointed leaf tips. Many leaves hang on all winter.  
The acorn is small; the nut is enclosed only at the base by a thin, saucer-like cup.
One of the fastest growing oak (as much as 15 feet in 5-7 years), this broadleaf, deciduous tree, can attain heights of 60 - 75 feet. It has a prominent central stem, pyramidal shape, and descending lower branches.
Native range from Massachusetts to Delaware, west to Wisconsin and Arkansas.
Location on campus:
On Church Street and Stadium Drive bordering McArthur Field
One last October photograph
* Information from Oregon State University's Landscape Plants web site.