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Our Campus In Bloom - October



It's still warm so let's get out for a walk around campus!

Click on any of the photographs for a closer look and more information.

Exit the main Werner University Center door on Monmouth Avenue. Walk to and through Hamersly Library and turn north to circle the shrubs planted between parking lot I and the street for a colorful display of ~


Burning bushes and Ginko trees

Hamersly Library and brilliant burning bushes



Now walk east and turn south through parking lot B under many ~


Raywood Ash trees

Raywood ash trees



Turn west between the Instructional Technology Center and the Roy E. Lieuallen Administration Building to rejoin and cross Monmouth Avenue. Turn south and as you stroll past the Humanities and Social Sciences building, notice the ~


Coralbark Japanese Maple

Coral Bark Japanese Maple


Thought to have been planted for student April Turner as a Graduation Tree Memorial.



October walk continued



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