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Our Campus in Bloom



It's May!
Ready for a Walk Around the Southern Part of Campus?

Click on most of the photographs for a closer look and more information about the specimen.
Exit the Werner University Center from the main entrance on North Monmouth Avenue. Walk south across the street.
Enjoy the Many Rhododendron Blooming along Todd Hall
Rhododendrons along north wall of Todd Hall
Just past Todd Hall, turn west and walk toward Maple Hall. Look north to see:
A Tall Tulip Tree in Full Bloom
Tulip tree in bloom
Also known as a Whitewood.
Now walk between Campbell Hall and the Humanities and Social Sciences buildings and cross Monmouth Avenue.
Continue walking east to the back of the Roy E. Lieuallen Administration Building and turn south where there are:
Red Azalea 'Arabesk'and Pink Rhododendron 'Hallelujah' in Bloom
Rhododendrons behind the Administration building


The azaleas were planted on Arbor Day, 1993, by the kindergarten class from the Salem Child Development Center. One of those children was 6 year old Timothy Cooper, son of Ron Cooper, former landscape maintenance supervisor at WOU.

No close ups available.



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