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It's June ~ Ready for a Walk ?

Click on any of the photographs for a closer look and more information about the specimen.
Exit the Werner University Center from the main door. Cross Monmouth Avenue and walk south just far enough to see ~
THE Giant Sequoia
THE giant sequoia at WOU
Cross Monmouth Avenue and walk west on Church Street to New Physical Education (NPE). There, to the east of the building, is a walkway that will lead to:
A flowering Northern Catalpa tree and the largest Ponderosa pine on campus
Catalpa and Ponderosa Pine
Circle on around The Grove and turn south at Butler Hall back toward Church Street. As you pass the Werner University Center, don't miss the lovely garden tucked into the side yard ~
The Queen's Rose Garden
Rose Bed, west side of the Werner University Center
As you turn left onto Church Street, look across at the white shrubs along Todd Hall ~
Very fragrant!
  White shrubs by Todd Hall  
Continue east to return to the Werner University Center main entrance. Thank you for joining us! Come back in July for another tour of our lovely campus.


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