Pieris japonica
(pi-ER-is ja-PON-i-ca) *
Also commonly called Japanese Andromeda or Lily-of-the-Valley Shrub
Close up of Japanese Pieris flowers
Native to Japan, this broadleaf evergreen shrub will grow 9-12 feet tall with a 6-8 foot spread.
New growth on the stiff, spreading branches is bronze-green to reddish.  Spring-blooming flowers are white, urn-shaped, and hang in drooping clusters (panicles).
There are quite a number of cultivars produced by wholesale nurseries in Oregon.
Caution! Leaves and nectar are poisonous!
Many locations on campus, but this particular one is:
At the west entrance into the Barnum Hall community from J Loop parking lot
* Information from Oregon State University's Landscape Plants web site.