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Redosier or Redtwig Dogwood


Cornus sericea (formerly Cornus stolonifera)

 (KOR-nus ser-EE-se-a)


Red-barked twigs on dogwood

Yellow twig dogwood is also found along parking lot J and makes a nice contrast with the red twig.


This broadleaf multi-stemmed deciduous shrub, which can grow 7 to 9 feet high and spread to 10 feet, does best in moist soil and spreads by underground stems. A good shrub for riparian zones, it is often observed in the wild in wet swampy areas.


The common name of "redosier" apparently is in reference to the resemblance of the reddish stems to those of some willows called osiers, used in basketry.  Thin redosier stems can be used in weavings and as basket rims.


Location on campus:

Along parking lot J and the Jensen Arctic Museum


Follow this link to see the spring progression



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