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Governance Information and Documents

Letter from Governor and Legislative Chairs to OSBHE


Higher Education Structures in Transition


Three Possible Governance Structures for WOU


Evolving Role of State Board of Higher Education


Strategy for Achieving Oregon's Goal of an Educated Citizenry - 40/40/20


Implementation Timeline


Governance Overview


Special Legislative Committee on TRU Governing Boards and Shared Services


Establishing an Institutional Governing Boards at WOU: SB270


General criteria to serve on a university governing board


Letter to OSBHE from TRU Presidents


OSBHE Transition Work Group to HECC


SB 270 Summary SB 270 Details


HB 3120 Summary HB 3120 Details


Principles for Shared Services Work Group


Preliminary Survey and Costs for Shared Services


Preliminary List of OUS Shared Services



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