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In June 2011, Governor John Kitzhaber put into law a set of ambitious goals for the state of Oregon, formally embodied in the passage of SB 253, commonly referred to as the 40/40/20 goal.
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Senate Bill 253: the Governor's and the Legislature's Vision: By 2025 → 100-40-40


To achieve these ambitious goals, Western Oregon University is responding in a number of ways including:


WOU is uniquely situated in the heart of the Willamette Valley and is privileged to work with many diverse community partners in supporting 40/40/20.  Our longstanding commitment to community engagement is clearly prioritized within the University’s mission statement:

The University works in partnership with PK-12 schools, community colleges and other institutions of higher education, government, and local and global communities.

Within one of the University’s Core Themes, this commitment is further identified:

We provide access to an array of diverse and inclusive populations to foster a quality workforce and well-educated citizens.  WOU has developed and maintained partnerships that broaden our vision, increase our potential, and enhance our professional relationships.  These include academic and non-academic programs to promote diversity and meet the needs of all constituencies, especially non-traditional and minority students and staff.

From the array of resources that Western Oregon University contributes to its partnerships, its greatest resource lies in the “intellectual capital” of WOU faculty and staff whose scholarship and expertise are paired with the assets and needs of local communities.