2005-2006 WOU Curriculum Committee

Diversity questions
Request for temporary course approval form

New curriculum change/proposal forms:

Multicultural Diversity Designation Form

Word versions of all forms

Diversity Criteria used for transfer courses by Dean Chadney

Agenda items for May 16, 2006

New course/program proposal reviews

Natural Science and Math Division Proposals
3.1.1 New course – Math 070 Introductory Algebra
3.1.2 Major Minor Program Change: Integrated Science/Biology MS Ed. Content description change

Computer Science Division
3.2.1 New course – CS 195 Fundamentals of Web Design (CS though they had already submitted the course – we are just reconfirming a document lost between them and us)

Creative Arts Division
3.3.1 New course Mus 210 Music Today
3.3.2 New course Mus 422/522 Electronic Music III
3.3.3 Number change Mus 422/522 Electronic Music II
3.3.4 Number change Mus 421/521

Humanities Division Proposals
4.1.1Undergraduate Program Change – require a C- minimum grade in Modern Language BA courses