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Faculty Senate

Academic Infrastucture Committee


NameEmail DivisionRole
Pamela Cancelcancelp@wou.eduSPEChair
Arlene Courtneycourtna@wou.eduSPEMember
Dirk Freymuthfreymutd@wou.eduSPEMember
Camila Gabaldongabaldoc@wou.eduSPETechnical Support
William Hamlinhamlinw@wou.eduSPEMember
Stephanie Hooverhooverst@wou.eduSPEMember
Isidore Lobnibelobnibei@wou.eduSPEMember
Emily Plecplece@wou.eduSPEMember
Tracy Scharnscharnt@wou.eduSPEChair
Gay Timkentimkeng@wou.eduSPEMember


Faculty Senate President  Laurie Burton
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