Faculty Senate Minutes

March 14, 2006

  1. Meeting called to order at 3:35 PM—Before meeting officially called to order, Kevin Helpie’s group of student musicians played jazz. This group has been accepted to play in a festival at the University of Texas.

    1. Call of roll: All members present except Kit Andrews

  2. Minutes for previous meeting approved

  3. Old Business

    1. Foundation Representative Election

      1. Due to lack of a Faculty Senator as nominee, Camila Gabaldón moved that the Senate open the nominees to non-senators. Motion passed unanimously.

    2. Biology Program Proposed Changes unanimously approved.

    3. Health Program Proposed Changes unanimously approved.

    4. Rehabilitation Counselor Education Proposed Changes

      1. Julia Smith responded to question from previous meeting concerning the practicum classes in the program. She explained that 409 is the only practicum for the minor. The other two practicums (209 and 309) will be listed in the catalog for transfer students from Chemeketa.

      2. Proposed Changes unanimously approved.

    5. Special Education Proposed Changes unanimously approved.

    6. Health Education Proposed Changes unanimously approved.

    7. Business Program Proposed Change to offer BA 243 as an option for MTH 243

      1. After much discussion, BA 243 not approved as an option for the Business Program. The course has been approved as a temporary course for Fall. The Dean of LAS will not consider this issue until all the faculty members involved come to some consensus.

  4. New Business

    1. Support of WOU candidate for the State Board of Higher Education

      1. John Rector asked that the Faculty Senate support Mark Henkels as a candidate for the position of faculty representative on the State Board of Higher Education.

    2. Revised Sexual Harassment and Consensual Relations Policies (presented by Mark Weiss)

    3. Course Cuts (presented by John Rector)

      1. John Rector noted that recent cuts have resulted in the elimination of several classes. He questioned such course reductions during the year since such cuts are usually made prior to the beginning of the academic year.

      2. Mark Perlman reiterated his suspicions regarding the administration’s moves.

      3. Decision to continue this discussion as old business at the next meeting.

  5. Meeting adjourned at 5:00