Staff Senate Minutes

August 24, 2004

Hamersly Library 205


1. Roll Call: absent; Kathy Hill and Sue Payton


2. Guests: Connie Wildfang (proxy for Sue Payton), Judy Vanderburg


3. President John McArdle welcomed all Senators and visitors. He thanked the Senators for their willingness to serve the University. John asked the visitors to

feel free to share comments with the Senators and announced that Staff Senate

meetings are open to the campus as a whole.


4. Visitor Judy Vanderburg stated that we should make sure that Staff Senate would be represented in standing committees, assuring that names were put forward for campus wide committees. Martha will work with Debbie Diehm.


5. The minutes were reviewed, corrected, and approved.



a. The Staff Senate Name and Purpose document was referred to as the Staff

Senate By-Laws. By reference throughout the meeting, the document will be referred to as the Staff Senate By-Laws. The following changes to the document were approved:

        Were Dr. Conn was referenced as President; University President was added. Also, WOU President changed to University President.

        Were John McArdle was referenced as Chairperson; replaced by President.

        II. Structure; D Meetings, item 2; changed to: Meetings may take place as needed during the summer months.

        II. Structure; D. Meetings, item 5/c; changed to: Items need to be submitted to the President prior to the regular meeting.

        II. Structure; E. Parliamentary Authority, item 3; will vote to clarify the use of secret ballot vs. Public meeting laws.

b. / c. During the first Staff Senate meeting in July, The President, Dr. Philip

Conn asked the senators to review two policies. Judy Vanderburg

was asked by President John McArdle, to give a presentation regarding

the history and need for the Consensual Relationship Statement Policy and

the Discrimination & Harassment Policy on campus. Judy explained that

the Department of Justice asked Western Oregon University to update the

policies, which are under review by the DOJ. The need on campus is

great, and there is a need to protect students, staff and faculty. There was

much discussion and a few recommendations regarding wording of the

documents were made. Should employees sign off on policies? This was a

strategy suggestion only but all would like to see it happen though some

means. It was noted that at the very least all campus policies should be

Page 2. Minutes



circulated to all employees. Students receive written policies that are

included their handbook; Planet Wolf.


d. There were no exofficio members recommended at this time.

e. Future meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month from

8:30am 10:00am with the exception of the September meeting. Kathy

Alderson agreed to check on the availability of Hamersly, 205.

8. Future agenda items regarding computer training and customer service were

tabled until the next meeting. The Alcohol Policy will be added to next months


9. There were no announcements.


10. Meeting was adjourned at 10:45am.



Respectfully submitted by Martha Boyd, Recorder