Staff Senate Minutes

July 20, 2004

Hamersly Library 107


Roll Call:  absent; Roseann Kendall


Guests:  Members of the Study Commission, The President Dr. Philip Conn, Cheryl Gaston, and Erik Peterson.



1.         Peter Courtney addressed the newly elected charter members and guests and included a handout of the draft of the Staff Senate Bylaws for future review and enhancement.


Members of the Study Commission on the feasibility of a Staff Senate were given thanks for all of their hard work.


2.         The President, Dr. Philip Conn, addressed the Senate and gave charges including handouts of the Consensual Relationship Statement Policy and the Discrimination & Harassment Policy for review at the next meeting.  He mentioned that there is a tough issue pending on campus regarding allowing alcoholic beverages to be served at certain times for certain reasons.  There is a current exception that exists at Western Oregon University for certain instances regarding allowing alcoholic beverages for certain instances but it has not been used in 150 years.  Alumni are requesting an exception for tailgate parties for two home football games this year.  There are many issues to be understood and reviewed.  (Circumstances, parameters, responsibilities, etc.)


            It was decided by unanimous vote that President would replace the name Chairperson.


It was decided by unanimous vote that The President, Dr. Philip Conn would be an exofficio member.


Dr. Conn noted that anyone that directly reports to him is not eligible to serve on

Staff Senate.


3.         John McArdle was elected as Staff Senate President and Martha Boyd was elected Recorder.


4.         Next meeting was tentatively set for August 17, 2004.


5.         Meeting was adjourned



Respectfully submitted by Martha Boyd, Recorder.