May 25th, 2004 –Faculty Senate Minutes


I. At 3:32 p.m. the meeting was called to order.


II. Roll Call: Senators present: Charles Anderson, Kit Andrews, Roy Bennett, Bob Brownbridge, Mary Bucy, Keller Coker, Claire Ferraris, Kristina Frankerberger, Maria Fung, Karen Haberman, Jessica Henderson, Sriram Khe, Mark Perlman, Emily Plec, John Rector, Bill Schoenfeld, Julia Smith, Diane Tarter, Bob Turner, Curt Yehnert, Zenon Zygmont


Ex-Officio Members: WOU President Conn, ASWOU President Rebekah Wilcox


III. Minutes from last meeting were approved at 3:34 p.m. with no corrections.


IV. Reports of the Presidents


A. President of Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate President Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon reported that she had contacted Gretchen Schuette to try to schedule the meeting of Faculty Senate with her. Due to prior engagements, this meeting will not be possible until the first week of the summer session. A tentative time was set for 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday June 22nd.


B. President of WOU

President Conn introduced Cheryl Gaston, the new Director of Public Relations. He also proceeded to congratulate the Senators for a successful year. President Conn also announced that a new Staff Senate is being formed and elections for senators are being held. This would allow ASWOU to proceed with the Shared Communication concept. Finally, he congratulated the WOU Chamber Singers for their wonderful performance at Carnegie Hall in NYC.


C. President of ASWOU

The ASWOU president Rebekah Wilcox announced that the President Elect of ASWOU is Ben Sappington after a round of very successful elections.


V. Consideration of Old Business


A. Report from Ad-hoc Committee on Faculty Searches

The chair of this committee Kit Andrews presented a set of problems encountered during searches this academic year. Among these problems were: interference in formulating job descriptions, late authorization of positions, no uniform set of committee procedures, no date-stamping of received materials, HR withholding certain files, in some cases cumbersome travel authorization.

The set of recommendations included: early decisions on searches (as early as summer), faculty search committee's ability to decide on all supporting materials for initial job advertisement, applications to be sent directly to search committees (unless requested otherwise and excluding EEO information), respect by the administration of the ranking of the candidates, resources to attend and interview at national conferences, incorporation of a standard procedure for special accommodations during campus visits, a set of guidelines clearly distinguishing appropriate and inappropriate areas of questions and suggestions offered to job candidates.

It was decided that this document will be circulated in the divisions and Faculty Senate will act on it during the July meeting.


B. Committee Adjustments

The Faculty Senate secretary distributed a summary of the reports of the various Senate sub-committees. The Writing Intensive Committee and the ARC were mentioned as possible candidates for adjustment. It was suggested that perhaps the WIC can begin evaluating proposals for courses that have a Diversity designation, in an attempt to alleviate some of the burden of the Curriculum Committee. Senators were encouraged to bring the discussion to their academic units, and to come up with suggestions for action during the July meeting.


VI. New Business


A. Nomination and Election of Officers

Keller Coker (Creative Arts) was elected President for 2004-05.  John Rector (Social Sciences) is the new Vice President, and Karen Haberman (Natural Sciences & Math) is the incoming secretary.  At-large members (2) of the Executive Committee have yet to be named. 


VII. Reports of IFS

IFS Senator Bob Turner reported on an ORP Coalition meeting in Salem on May 24th aimed at establishing content of legislation defining the process of fixing ORP contribution rates. The feedback from UO, OSU, and WOU was that faculty want to know what happened and how it is being fixed. The OUS legislative concept must be presented to the OUS Board on Thursday June 3rd, and thus the ORP rate setting will be the first item on the IFS agenda on Saturday June 4th.


IX. A motion to adjourn was approved at 4:55 p.m.