March 9th, 2004 –Faculty Senate Minutes


I. At 3:33 p.m. the meeting was called to order.


II. Roll Call: Senators present: Charles Anderson, Kit Andrews, Brian Caster, David Foster, Maria Fung, Camila Gaboldon (for Roy Bennett), Jessica Henderson (for Tom Kelly), Solveig Holmquist, Gudrun Hoobler, Sriram Khe, John Rector, Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon, Adele Schepige (for Trevino), William Schoenfeld, Bob Turner, Zenon Zygmont


Ex-Officio Members: WOU President Conn


III. Minutes from last meeting were approved at 3:35 p.m. with no corrections.


IV. Reports of Committees


A. Academic Requirements Committee's Chair Bob Broeg reported that the ARC committee has considered a number of different questions during the past two years. Some examples have been competency and placements exams, the number of times a student can repeat a class, and looking at the pass/ no credit policy. At the moment the ARC committee is looking at an aerospace minor along the lines of the military science minor that is offered through OSU. Typically Sharie Zeilman comes to the meetings and brings issues for discussion. At the moment the ARC is not very busy. They are dealing with the Associates of Arts degree and what should constitute its language requirement; also they are considering whether there should be a limit on credit earned solely by examination. The Chair addressed Faculty Senate asking if perhaps the structure and meeting times of the committee need to be re-thought. This is a part of the general process of examining each committee and its role that the Senate is going through. Recommendations will be drafted as soon as the Senate hears a report from each of the committees,


V. Reports of Presidents


A. Senate President Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon reminded the Senators that the Nominating Committee for the officers of the new Senate needs to be formed. It will consist of five people: Brian Caster from the current Executive Committee, two members of the current Senate, and two members of the upcoming Senate. Interested senators should contact Brian Caster if they are interested in serving on this committee.


B. President Conn's Report

President Conn started by reporting that more and more faculty are involved in the Strategic Planning process. It is paramount that this process be completed in a timely fashion since President Conn needs to report to the Board of Higher Education in May with our institution's vision statement. The next big strategic planning event will be held on May 20th. It will be a Stakeholders' Conference and all faculty are urged to attend it.

President Conn also shared a handout from the Inter-Institutional Faculty Senate that shows OUS faculty getting salaries considerably lower than their counterparts in peer institutions.


Finally, he discussed briefly tentative plans for adjusting the tuition for the 2004-2005 academic year. Choices between eliminating the tuition plateau or going to a rate per credit hour were discussed. If we keep the tuition plateau we would need to raise tuition rates next fall.


C. The ASWOU president Jeremy Quintanilla was not present at this meeting


VI. Consideration of Old Business


A. Academic Information Services Discussion

One of the members of the Student Technology Fee Committee Justin Hoeckle was present at the meeting. He reported that this Committee has 8 members: two appointed by ASWOU, two each appointed by the Deans of LAS and Education, and two appointed by Bill Kernan. Each WOU student pays $74 a term that cover e-mail services, technology services, computer lab technicians, and have also generated grant funds for faculty ($150,000 in the past two years). The mission of the committee is to encourage and promote the use of technology on campus; the technology fee keeps the computer labs on campus running and pays for replacing old computers. Due to the general budget shortfall, the budget coming from the student technology fee has been approached in an ad-hoc manner, and there has not been a system to closely monitor the budget. The student members of the committee feel that input from faculty and staff would be necessary to ensure that good decisions are made about the revision of the budgetary process. Questions to the committee can be addressed at


Gary Jensen was also present at this meeting. He suggested that the two directors who have participated in this committee historically perhaps should be moved to Ex-Officio status and possibly be only brought to meetings on an as-needed basis. This arrangement might guarantee freer exchange of ideas among the faculty members of the AIS committee. He was very supportive of change that turns this committee in a faculty-driven enterprise.


More discussion about the role and purpose of the AIS committee will continue at the next meeting.


VII. Consideration of New Business


A. Procedure for Faculty Searches

Senator John Rector brought to the Senate a discussion of the procedure for faculty searches. It is a common feeling on campus that there are some problems with the search process procedures like inaccessibility of files, a cumbersome travel authorization process, lack of administrative encouragement to candidates, and undermining of search committee authority.


Due to time constraints, it was voted to move this item to the next meeting under Old Business.


VIII. Reports of IFS

IFS Senator Bob Turner distributed information from the OUS Board Meeting on March 4th and 5th. Four standing committees (Executive/Chancellor's Office Review; Access; Excellence in Delivery & Productivity; Academic Excellence/Economic Development) have been formed and direct input from OUS faculty is sought. Faculty should contact Bob Turner with ideas and input on the "More, Better, Faster" initiative.


IX. A motion to adjourn was approved around 5:16 p.m. after a 15 minute time extension had been approved and used up.