May 27th, 2003 –Faculty Senate Minutes


1.0 At 3:45 p.m. the meeting was called to order.


2.0 Senate Members Present:  Andrews (for Keulks), Bennett, Bliss (for Hargreaves), Bergeron (for McConnell), Caster, Fung, Haberman, Holmquist, Hoobler, Lincicum, Poston, Rhoads, Shay, Trevino, VanSteeter, Winningham, Zygmont, Conn


3.0 Minutes from last meeting were approved with a couple of corrections. The first one was a clarification that the according to the BMUS proposal, students could choose 8 credits in foreign language to substitute for 8 credits in either creative arts, or humanities, or social science. The other was a typo in the name of Senator Solveig Holmquist.


4.0 Reports from the Presidents


4.1 Senate President Caster reported that the Nominating Committee was busy at work.


4.2 President Conn announced that the 2004 State appropriations are down by 5 million dollars and thus the budget hole gets deeper. He passed out a document named "Board Statement on Commitment to Quality", which discusses the link between enrollment and funding and their direct impact on the quality of instruction. President Conn remarked that the Board of Higher Education is to be commended for standing up for quality of instruction, yet in the face of increasing enrollments throughout the OUS; it seems that the only real solution will come from a healthier economy and a revamped system for state appropriations. There was also a discussion about the possibility of eliminating the tuition plateau (pay by the credit hour for the first 12 hours, then from 13-18 pay no additional fees, and from 19 credit hours on pay by the hour again). All OUS schools have tentative plans to reduce this plateau in the Fall of 2004, and some of them even earlier.


4.3 The new ASWOU president Jeremy ? was introduced to the Senators. He reported that one of the main concerns of the student body was the tuition plateau proposal, which will guarantee increased fees to start at 15 credit hours.  Advising would need to be optimized so that most students can stay at 15 hours a term and still graduate on time.


5.0 Elections for 2003-2004 Officers

5.1 Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon was unanimously elected the new Faculty Senate President.

5.2 Gudrun Hoobler was unanimously elected the new Faculty Senate Vice-President.

5.3 Maria Fung was unanimously elected the new Faculty Senate Secretary.

Solveig Holmquist was unanimously elected for an at-large member of the Executive Committee. Robert Brownbridge joined this committee as well.


6.0. Judy Rhoads was elected the Chair of the Committee of Committees. Members of this committee will be determined later.


7.0 Old Business:  The 4-course scheduling recommendations proposal was approved with the amendment that the scheduling of non-standard classes is not to be banned but merely as a set of recommendations to try to stay away from the 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. time slot.


8.0 There was a proposal from Dr. Behmard of the mathematics department for a new 4 credit hour course called "Math 099, Pre-college algebra course". This course would cover basic algebra up to linear and quadratic equations. The credits would apply for enrollment eligibility but not toward a degree and would not satisfy any university or college requirement. This course was proposed because 50% of the incoming freshmen are not sufficiently prepared to take Math 111, and current options for remedial coursework are available only through Chemeketa Community College and the necessary topics are spread out over several courses there. Furthermore, OUS peer institutions offer similar courses, and if WOU were to offer such a course, then it could be counted towards student full-time eligibility. This proposal was approved by the Faculty Senate.


9.0 There was no IFS report. It was reported that there would be a meeting of the OUS Board the following week.


A motion to adjourn was approved around 5 p.m.