Western Oregon University Faculty Senate Minutes
February 12, 2002

1.0 Call to Order (15:34)

2.0 Call of Roll

Senators absent: Maureen Dolan, Juanita Heredia, David Janoviak, Linda Keller, Rebecca McCannell,
Louise Muscato, Pete Poston

3.0 Corrections to Minutes (none)

4.0 Reports of the Presidents

4.1 Senate President (Brian Caster)

Informational Items: 1) Regarding the recent changes to the English program, it was noted that the English
Honors courses would remain at 3 hours. 2) Brian suggested it would be good for faculty to attend the OUS
Chancellor search “open meetings” in our area. Bob Turner noted this is a good opportunity for non-board
members to make their opinions known. 3) A faculty representative has been invited to attend the Provost’s
council meetings as well as the Dean’s / Division Chairs meetings. 4) Brian distributed a draft of a “Division
Chairs Checklist” for evaluating writing intensive transfer courses. 5) Brian noted that with only 72 hours
notice he requested and received nominees for the WOU Presidential Search Committee. The Executive
Committee submitted 8 nominees, of which 4 were chosen by the Board. Total WOU representatives are:
Ed Stineff, Ron DeVolder, Forrest Bell, Galen Wish, Anna Hernandez, Darin Silbernagel, Ryan Gleysteen,
Meredith Brodsky, Robert Turner, Mary Anne Linden, Brian Caster and Diane Baxter. Roshani Shay stated
that the Dean of LAS (James Chadney) should be on the committee instead of the Dean of Education
(Meredith Brodsky). Comments were also made concerning the lack of representation on the committee by
persons with Union background. It was suggested that a letter be sent to the Board noting these concerns.

4.2 President of Western Oregon University (Betty Youngblood)

No report.

4.3 ASWOU President (Andy High)

Andy reported he has been invited to attend the Provosts council meeting. He also commented on why he
chose not to put his name first for consideration for the WOU Presidential Search Committee. The
Bookstore recently refused to release a list of required texts to the Book Exchange.

5.0 Report from Interinstitutional Faculty Senators

Bob Turner reported on the hot topics discussed at the IFS meeting: Funding and political issues, the
Chancellor Search, OIT’s potential privatization, the OSU funding situation and finally on the very need for a

6.0 Reports from Committees (none)

7.0 Consideration of Old Business

7.1 Teacher Education / licensing program revisions:

Adele Schepige distributed a summary of the restructuring changes. General discussion. Motion to approve: David Hargreaves, 2nd: Mark Perlman, approved.

7.2 WOU Presidential Search process: See informational notes in 4.1 above.

8.0 Consideration of New Business (none)

9.0 Adjournment (16:35)