Western Oregon University Faculty Senate Minutes
January 22, 2002

1.0 Call to Order (15:35)

2.0 Call of Roll

Senators absent: Kevin Helppie, David Jnoviak, Scot Morse; Janeanne Rockwell-Kincanon substituting for
Shirly Lincicum; Diane Tarter for Rebecca McCannell

3.0 Corrections to the Minutes

No corrections; Minutes were approved.

4.0 Reports of the Presidents

4.1 Senate President (Brian Caster)

Brian idicated that there was no word yet on the OUS Board decision regarding the WOU Presidential Search Process.
Brian noted that a faculty representative(s) has been invited to attend every third Provost’s Council meeting where budget will be the topic. As Senate President he will be attending a Feb. 1s meeting, and asked the Senate for suggestions on formalizing representations. Linda Keller suggested a rep from Education and one from LAS, perhaps in addition to the Senate President. This will be an item for future consideration.

4.2 President of Western Oregon University (Betty Youngblood)

No report. Dean Chadney, however, asked to report that LAS s&s budgets have been restored.

4.3 ASWOU President (Andy High)

No report.

4.4 Report from Interinstitutional Faculty Senators

Bob Turner passed on words of commendation from the IFS to faculties that contributed to calling for a more open process in the OUS Chancellor Search. The process appeared to have been effective, with more open meetings and information gathering by the OUS board.

6.0 Reports from Committees

See New Business below.

7.0 Consideration of Old Business

7.1 English department proposal to move to 4 credit courses approved, following discussion on how the Honors Program would be effected.

8.0 Consideration of New Business

8.1 Teacher Education program changes

Adele Schepige and Gary Welander from Teacher Education distributed information and received
questions regarding implementation of changes in the professional licensing component of the Teacher Education program. The need for the changes was presented as centering largely around TSPC requirements for literacy components, and the evening out of student workload, with particular emphasis the demands of term three of the four term program. David Hargreaves raised questions regarding the literacy offerings with regard to the English department, and wished to arrange a discussion between English and Teacher Education. The item will be addressed further at the Feb. 12th meeting.

8.2 Presidential Search Process

Time constraints precluded a lengthy discussion. Brian asked that Senators review search procedures outlined in the OUS Board document, and begin formulating within divisions a process to identify nominees to Search and Screening committees.

9.0 Adjournment (16:58)