Western Oregon University Faculty Senate Minutes
January 8, 2002

1.0 Call to Order (15:34)

2.0 Call of Roll

Senators absent: Maureen Dolan, Jeff Myers, Mark Perlman, Pete Poston, Adele Schepige

3.0 Corrections to Minutes (none)

4.0 Reports of the Presidents

4.1 Senate President (Brian Caster)

Brian received a request from President Youngblood for nominations for 5 faculty to serve on the distinguished faculty committee. Nominations due by Jan. 25. Brian discussed topics relating to a WOU presidential search and noted a fact-finding meeting with the OUS Chancellor. The Technology Planning Group met on Dec. 3. John Leadley, as past senate president, agreed to serve as one of possibly 2 faculty representatives.

4.2 President of Western Oregon University (Betty Youngblood)

No report. Questions were posed about the procedure for replacing Dr. Youngblood. Roshani Shay reported that her division strongly favors an immediate search rather than proceeding with an interim president.

4.3 ASWOU President (Andy High)

Andy reported that the book exchange has resulted in $15k so far. The Student Incidental Fee committee is meeting.

5.0 Report from Interinstitutional Faculty Senators

Bob Turner reported on the IFS meeting on Dec. 7. Two topics dominated the meeting: the Chancellor search process and the budget. Regarding the former, yet another letter of protest has been sent to the OUS board.

6.0 Reports from Committees (none)

7.0 Consideration of Old Business

7.1 Writing Intensive Guidelines, revisions:

Carol Harding noted 2 very minor changes. New guidelines approved unanimously. The guidelines will be put in the Faculty handbook and will be available for download from the Writing Center.

7.1 English Department proposal (move to predominantly 4 credit courses):

Brian passed out "Comments from Joel Alexander" from Psychology, "regarding Psychology Division experience with a program-wide transition from 3 to 4 hour courses." There was general discussion regarding the overall impact of this move, and the possibility of other division doing likewise. Impact on scheduling, labs, changes to the curriculum and content was discussed. Marita Cardinal commented that if a move to semesters was considered, it would be easier to transition from 4 credit courses than from 3 credit courses. This will be an action item for the Jan. 22 senate meeting.

8.0 Consideration of New Business (none)

9.0 Adjournment (16:22)