Western Oregon University Faculty Senate Minutes
November 13, 2001

1.0 Call to Order (15:33)

2.0 Call of Roll

Senators absent: Maureen Dolan, David Hargreaves, Kevin Helppie, David Janoviak, Linda Keller, Shirley Lincicum

3.0 Corrections to Minutes (none)

4.0 Reports of the Presidents

4.1 Senate President (Brian Caster)

Brian distributed to the senate members a number of curriculum changes approved by the Executive committee which have been forwarded to the appropriate Deans. Email votes have been received for the recent IFS resolution with a majority of senators voting to endorse the resolution. Brian indicated he will forward the approved resolution to all members of the Board of Higher Education.

4.2 President of Western Oregon University (Betty Youngblood)

Provost John Minahan gave a report on the status of enrollment and the budget. Final numbers for enrollment indicate a 3.1% increase over last year to 4878 students. Numbers for new students are down significantly. John indicated that if the Senate wished to reestablish a Budget committee he would be happy to share more detailed budget information with that committee. Darin Silbernagel (Vice Pres. for Business and Finance) distributed and reviewed a significant amount of information concerning budget projections. The following Senators presented questions: Pete Poston, Brian Caster, John Leadley, Adele Schepige, Roshani Shay, Gudrun Hoobler, Jeff Myers and Mark Perlman.

4.3 ASWOU President (Andy High)

Andy indicated the Student Fee committee is working on trying to keep fees as low as possible. He is also working on addressing local city issues concerning students. There are 2 vacancies on the Student Senate. Andy is working on setting up local debates this January for gubernatorial candidates.

5.0 Report from Interinstitutional Faculty Senators (no reports)

6.0 Reports from Committees (no reports)

7.0 Consideration of Old Business

7.1 International Education Committee: membership change approval. No discussion, approved unanimously.

8.0 Consideration of New Business

8.1 Double counting of credits in LACC & Major/Minor

Joel Alexander and Mark Henkels presented a summary of the proposal to "end the prohibition against double counting of LACC courses." They took questions from Rebecca McCannell, Roshani Shay, and Mark Perlman.
Proposal was moved by Lonnie Guralnick and seconded by Roshani Shay.

9.0 Adjournment (16:56)