Western Oregon University Faculty Senate Minutes
October 23, 2001

1.0 Call to Order (15:33)

2.0 Call of Roll

Senators absent: Maureen Dolan, Kevin Helppie, David Janoviak, Adele Schepige

3.0 Corrections to Minutes (none)

4.0 Reports of the Presidents

4.1 Senate President (Brian Caster)

Faculty votes for the Division of Psychology charter amendment are still needed. A draft of an informational
memo concerning costs for Disability Services is forthcoming. Brian welcomed guests and thanked them
for their attendance.

4.2 President of Western Oregon University (Betty Youngblood)

President Youngblood noted that information concerning Disability Services costs and an enrollment report
will be presented at the next Faculty Senate meeting. Specific cost reduction plans (to meet the 2%
holdback) are not possible at this point since we do not yet know the specifics of the requirements placed
upon us. The President released and discussed an informational update (#01-11) concerning the October
meeting of the State Board of Higher Education and the Administrative and Permanent Cost Reduction
Plans. John Leadly asked what was specifically submitted on Nov. 2. Roshani Shay asked if details of the
cuts would be discussed and to what extent OUS politics would affect the program cuts. Mark Perlman
asked how the contingency plans will affect the development of a contract for the faculty. Brian Caster
asked where we were in the final enrollment numbers. Mark Perlman asked about the priorities guiding the
breakdown of the budget and commented that the faculty "is in the dark". David Hargreaves commented
that transparency with respect to the budget is what many would like to see. Mark Perlman delivered a
statement from the AFT to Brian Caster. Roshani Shay asked about the policy of posting a copy of the
budget in the library.

4.3 ASWOU President (no representative present)

5.0 Report from the Registrar (Ken Gilson)

Ken Gilson gave a report on the current and future status of student records. Of special interest to the faculty
was the reporting of the minor on the official transcript of the university. Numerous questions were asked by
senators and Brian Caster asked to move this discussion forward.

6.0 Reports from IFS and Committees

No IFS report. John Leadly distributed reports from the International Education and Services Committee, the
Academic Requirements Committee and the Academic Information Services Committee.

7.0 Consideration of Old Business

7.1 Social Science Division by-laws approval:

Roshani Shay made comments on the corrections which were
approved unanimously.

8.0 Consideration of New Business

8.1 Elections

8.1.1 Scot Morse was elected to serve as Faculty Senate Secretary.

8.1.2 John Leadly was appointed to serve as the Faculty Senate Foundation Representative.

8.1.3 Mary Anne Linden was appointed to serve as the Interinstitutional Faculty Senate Representative.

8.2 Request to convert library position to general faculty position for the Library Representative on the
International Education Committee. Moved: John Leadly, Second: David Hargreaves

9.0 Adjournment (16:58)