WOU Faculty Senate Minutes
October 9, 2001

1.0 Call to Order (3:30)

2.0 Call of the Roll: Absent senators: Maureen Dolan, Lonnie Guralnick.

3.0 Corrections to Minutes (none)

4.0 Reports of the Presidents

4.1 Senate President Brian Caster: We need a permanent Faculty Senate
secretary; otherwise, secretarial duties will be assigned via rotation. We
need a permanent Faculty Senate representative to the WOU Foundation, an
essential position for communicating with alumni. Mary Anne Linden nominated
for IFS; other nominations will be accepted until next Senate meeting.

4.2 University President Betty Youngblood: President Youngblood discussed the
impending budget cuts to be conducted in phases resulting in 10% reductions
by the end of the next biennium. A summary will be provided to the faculty as
the details are clarified with OUS. Provost Minahan informed us that
enrollment is "basically OK." Graduate student numbers are up, but new
student numbers are down. Dr. Keller asked for clarification and action
regarding the lack of system support for WOU with respect to the high
percentage of students with disabilities that attend WOU. Brian Caster asked
what measures were being taken to insure that recruit and retention efforts
were not inconsistent with institutional goals of academic excellence.

4.3 Student Body President Andy High represented by Director of
Communications, Grant Axtell, reported on ASWOU activities, including student
concern over fee hikes, support for classified staff, preparation for
up-coming legislative session, voter registration, school spirit, and
relations between the Monmouth City council and students.

5.0 IFS representative Robert Turner reported on the Oct. 5 meeting of the
IFS in Corvallis, and distributed a list of key issues which were discussed
at length.

6.0 Reports of Committees: none

7.0 Old Business

7.1 Proposal of Charter Amendment adding Division of Psychology: Passed by
voice vote. Ballots for faculty voting on amendment distributed to division

7.2 Committee membership changes including representatives from Division of
Psychology on the following Senate Committees: Academic Info. Services;
Curriculum Committee; Jensen Lectureship Committee; Who's Who; Dewey Smith
Awards Commmittee - Passed by voice vote.

8.0 New Business

8.1 Revised by-laws for Division of Social Science introduced as action item
for next meeting. Motion made to accept by-laws; Seconded. Vote to be
conduted at next meeting of the Senate.

9.0 Adjournment (4:45)